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Domain Registration Agreement :

All customers must abide by the following Terms and Conditions for domain registration service:

1. Ownership of the Domain:
The owner of the domain is the 'Company', stated in the invoice. If the owner of the domain is any individual person, that person would be counted as the 'Company'. In addition to this, the administrative email address presented in domain whois also represents the ownership of the domain.

2. Administrative Email Address:
All the communication- regarding the domain would be made through the administrative email address of the domain. In case of transfer of the domain, all the correspondence would be made through this email address as well.

3. Change of Ownership:
If domain owner would like to change the ownership or want to transfer the ownership to another company or individual, the current owner has to send an authorization letter in the company letterhead stating the details of the transfer. In addition to this, the owner of the administrative email address also preserves the right to transfer the domain to another company or individual. But in that case, WebTechost won't responsile for that transfer.

4. Ownership Claim:
If second party claims for a domain, in company letterhead pad with other papers, then WebTechost will not take any liability for define original domain owner, in that case WebTechost will follow law and order by the government.Domain and hosting will be blocked temporary untill get the government order.
5. Payment:
The domain registration service should be provided on prepaid basis. In case of the service is provided on credit and the client fails to clear the payment on due time, WebTechost preserves the right to deactivate the domain with other domains too (same owner). In case of deactivation, a reactivation charge of TK.1000/= would be applicable. If the due amount is not paid within 30 days of deactivation, WebTechost preserves the right to cease/takeover the domain.

6. Renew:
The client himself is responsible for renewing the domain. WebTechost would start sending renewal notifications through email 30 days prior to the expiration. If the client doesn't renew the domain within 45 days of expiration, the domain would go down to the grace period. During the grace period, only the client himself would have the exclusive right to renew the domain. But in such cases additional charges would be applicable as per the following schedule:

- After 5-10 days of expiration, TK.500
- After 11 and above days of expiration, TK.2,000 - TK. 8,000

Once a domain name is registered or transferred, it can not be altered or modified and no money back gurantee is available with domain name registration.